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Hospital Equipment

We supply Hospital Equipment


What equipment do you need in your hospital? Biotest Edge has it in stock and ready for supply. Hospital equipment covers a wide range of tools and accessories that are needed essentially in the hospital, and we are happy to have them all in stock. Everything from hospital furniture to beds is available. Available equipment includes:

Hospital furniture such as Blood collection chair, single and double step stool, saddle stool with gas lift, round stool with gas lift and foot ring, surgeon stool, examination couch of fixed or adjustable height, 2 or 3 section electric examination couch, Gynae procedure chair, and Gynae Transforma table.

Others include mobile IV stands, IV pole, linen skip, overbed table, privacy screen, theatre stool, bassinet trolley, electric baby bath, etc.

Why Get Hospital Equipment from Us

Doctor Woman Working In Hospital Office With Computer Technology Equipment

High-Quality Equipment

Whatever equipment it is that you get from us is without doubts of high quality. We supply only the best, making sure it is something we can vouch for and trust ourselves. We understand the nature of the medical industry and what is at stake; thus, everything we supply is genuine, and we know we can trust it to function effectively as it should. We supply only products from reputable manufacturers in the industry who have established themselves as a quality brand. We firmly believe that such manufacturers who have over the years produced high standard equipment will strive to maintain that standard, and they have more at stake than manufacturers who are just starting up. This doesn’t mean we don’t supply equipment from less popular brands and start-ups, but when doing it, we make sure we test the equipment adequately, and we are certain of its quality.

MRI hospital

Multiple Options Available

Each medical practitioner has their taste in equipment, and we make it our duty to supply you with exactly. Whether it is in brand, models, or size, there are always many alternatives on the ground, and you just have to pick the one you like. With us, your problem won’t be not finding what you are looking for but instead choosing between the many options available. We make sure that we have several alternatives available in everything we supply. As long as the brand does not have a monopoly of the product, we ensure we source for the available alternatives. We are an accredited supplier in Australia for many medical equipment manufacturers.


Affordable Cost

We sell our products at competitive prices that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. We get our equipment directly from the manufacturers, which enables us to sell at the best possible prices. If you are in need of any Hospital equipment, just come to us, and we ensure that you get it for the best prices.

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